Frequently Asked Questions

Can I train at home?

Yes, but only if you purchase a custom-built training program. We do not offer pre-built train at home programs for several reasons, the main one being that without knowing what equipment you have we cannot plan an effective program. To plan a resistance training program with no equipment is very difficult, limits the muscles that can be worked and offers very little variety. Therefore to train at home you will need to correspond with one of our personal trainers to get a program tailored to your requirements.

I have no gym experience, is that ok?

Absolutely. One of our main aims is to get more people lifting weights. We strongly believe and know that resistance training (weight training) is beneficial to anyone of any age and for any objective. We offer all the information you need and give you the guidance you require too.

What equipment do I need access to?

All of our training programs are 100% weights based. We plan them with the use of dumbbells, barbells and cable pulleys, almost all gyms will contain the equipment that you need.

What happens if my gym does not have the equipment to do an exercise?

If you purchase a program and realise you do not have the relevant equipment to perform a specific exercise then contact us immediately. If you have purchased a custom-program let your personal trainer know and they will replace the exercise with one you are able to do. If you have purchased a pre-built program then drop us a message and we will get back to you with a suggestion of an exercise to replace it with.

I fear I don’t know what I am doing in the gym so I don’t lift weights. Should I be scared of the weights section?

Definitely not, for so many reasons. The main one is that you cannot be expected to know what to do without someone telling you. Everyone is the free weights area has been told by someone, whether that be a coach/teacher/personal trainer/friend, or they have just watched their fellow gym users, watched some videos online, or read something in a magazine. This is what we are here for, to give you all the guidance you need. Plus the majority of people (generally guys) in the free weights area do not know what they are doing anyway. Please do not let fear stop you from lifting.

How long will it take to achieve my goal?

How long is a piece of string? I know this is an irritating response, but it is not possible to tell because there are so many variables involved. If you want to lose weight then your diet has a huge impact. If you are following one of our diet plans to lose weight, the process can speed up by exercising. The type of exercise and intensity of exercise can determine how quickly you lose weight also. Hydration levels, sleep quality, day to day calorie expenditure due to type of work etc. all have an impact on how quickly you lose weight. Many of these factors also affect how quickly you increase strength and build muscle should that be your objective. What we will say is remain patient. If you follow our guidance we can assure you that you will reach your objective. If things are not progressing as quickly as you would like, then contact us and have a chat about some potential subtle changes that could help.

I am female, should I lift weights?

Yes, 100% yes. As well as trying to get more people lifting weights, we want to get more females lifting weights. Men dominate the free weights area and it can be very intimidating for ladies to get involved. But please don’t let this be the case. In our experience with the ladies that we have worked with, they love lifting weights, toning up and increasing their strength. Once you know what exercises to do and how to perform them correctly, you will have no problems walking into the middle of the free weights area, and you will be surprised by how many men you will be able to teach a thing or two.

I don’t want to get too big, should I stay away from lifting weights?

No, is the short answer, but it depends on what your objective is. If you want to just lose weight then by all means drive all the way to the gym and walk/jog on the treadmill for an hour. But if you want to develop a firm physique, tone up those problem areas, and shape your body the way you always wanted then you must lift weights. Getting bigger and increasing the size of a muscle is a difficult thing to achieve, if it was easy then every guy would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, but very few do as getting big muscles is difficult. Our training programs will ensure you achieve your objective, so if you want to ‘tone up’ and have ‘firmer muscles’ without getting bigger then that is what we will make sure you achieve.

I don’t want to lose weight or build muscle. Do you have a program suitable for me?

If you purchase a custom-built training program then your personal trainer will build a training program to achieve any objective you desire. You may be asked to specify ‘lose weight’ or ‘build muscle’ but if your objective differs to this then simply let your personal trainer know as they gather the relevant information from you. If you purchase a pre-built training program and only have the option of ‘build muscle’ or ‘lose weight’ then contact us and discuss your objective prior to purchase. Our ‘lose weight’ training programs fulfil many objectives. As weight loss is mainly dictated by diet, this training program assists in weight loss if the diet is correct. However, if someone is not looking to lose weight and not eating a weight loss based diet then the ‘lose weight’ training program will aid them to “tone up”, increase strength, improve health etc.

I don’t want to risk an injury, is this safe for me?

Lifting weights improves strength to which there are no negatives. Lifting weights will also maintain or improve range of movement within joints and muscles, as well as increase bone density and various other health benefits which all help avoid injury. So there are many health benefits to lifting weights, and many ways in which it can help you increase your chances of avoiding an injury. However, yes there is a risk of injury when lifting weights but only if you are irresponsible. If you follow our guidance and don’t lift beyond your ability then you will be perfectly safe and injury free.

How many times a week should I go to the gym?

It completely depends on your objective and how quickly you want to achieve it. If you want to build muscle but can only attend the gym once a week then looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger after 1 month is rather unrealistic. So there is no simple answer to this question. Feel free to contact us to discuss what is best, but if you only want to go to the gym twice a week then only go twice a week, but make sure you have realistic expectations for what you can expect to achieve.

Do I need a program designed specifically for me?

Most people think they do, but this is not the case. All people of all ages need to work all muscles and perform movements going through all directions and ranges of movement regardless of their objective. The number of repetitions, duration of rest, heaviness of load etc. then dictate how the program works towards a specific objective. You only really need a program specifically designed for you if you feel your objective differs to simply looking to build muscle or lose weight, or if you have an existing injury, or some other factor that may need to be factored into your program. If you are not sure whether you require a custom-built training program or whether a pre-built training program would suffice, drop us a message and ask the question.

What are the differences between a pre-built and custom-built training program?

Our pre-built training programs have been designed by our expert personal trainers in order to build muscle or lose weight. Once purchased you have plenty of automated support to allow you to safely and effectively complete the program and track your progress along the way. Our custom-built training programs offer a service which attempts to mimic the personal training service as closely as possible online. So you will have 24/7 email access to your personal trainer who will correspond with you prior to designing your program and will continue to speak with you almost daily through the completion of your program to offer support in any way possible.

How do I sign up?

There are several pages within the website that allow you to sign up. Simply go to the home page and create a user profile. Once you have a profile, find the service which is best for you and make the purchase. There are step by step instructions to talk you through the process and if you have any problems then drop us a message and we will help you out and get you started.

Can I access my program in the gym?

Yes. We are in the process of developing our mobile app, but we are very proud of our mobile site. Simply go to on your smart phone, log in and view your training program. You can view the exercise demonstrational videos and add your training data comfortably and clearly on your mobile device.

Do I get a variety of workouts to choose from?

No, but this is in order for you to achieve your objective as best as possible. If you go to the gym and do a different workout every time, you don’t see your progress and allow your body to adapt to the stimulus in which you give it. If you change your sets, reps and rest duration too frequently then you will keep changing the objective which you are working towards. It is important to have some variety in your training, but you need to repeat sessions week on week for 4-6 weeks before you give your body a new stimulus. So if you tell us you intend on going to the gym three times a week, then you will be given three workouts. You will be required to complete each workout four times over a four week period before your workouts change.

Can I track my progress?

Yes, this is very important. It is essential that you note your training data (the weight that you lift) each time you go to the gym, as this allows you to know what you achieved in the previous session so you know where to start and what to attempt to improve. It is also important that you view your progress over time to ensure your program is effective, and if you are not seeing the improvements you hope for that you let us know and we will explain why or make suggestions or changes to be made. We have included a top performer’s leader board to give you an extra incentive to keep to your training and provide an element of competition to our service too, so it is important that you input your training data and keep track of your progress.

What is the Top Performer’s Leader Board?

It is a feature we have included to provide an element of competitiveness and additional motivation. When you input your training data you are provided with a prediction of what your 1-rep max would be for that exercise based on the data you have provided (a 1-rep max is the maximum weight you could possibly lift for 1 repetition). This allows everyone’s data to be compared, so if you are lifting a weight for 8 reps or 12 reps you will be provided with a prediction of what your 1-rep max will be. Every week we will search for our top performers and update our leader board, so if you fall short of our top ten, you have an opportunity every week to improve and get on there. This also means that if you want to retain your position and title of one of our top performers, you need to continue to work hard week after week or you will disappear.

Do I have support if I get confused or have any questions?

Yes. We aim to interact with our members as often as possible, and to be accessible as much as possible. If you send us an email we will aim to respond as quickly as we can, and we will be active and accessible daily via social media so you can ask a question via email, Facebook, or twitter and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I get a personalised diet plan?

Not just yet. Our personal trainers are all university graduates and are very well educated. They have comprehensive backgrounds in nutrition but no official qualifications. Although we consider ourselves more than capable of acting as nutritionists so to speak, we are not willing to do so without the official qualifications. We do however offer nutritional guidance and support in addition to our diet plans. If you have any nutrition related questions feel free to drop us a message.

If I have any diet related questions is there anyone I can speak to?

Yes, absolutely. We are accessible via email, Facebook and Twitter, so if you ever have a diet related question, ask it and our expert personal trainers will get back to you as soon as possible. If you ever have any diet related questions that are beyond the expertise of our personal trainers we will point you in the right direction and/or send you sufficient resources to help answer your question.

I am trying to build muscle but I am losing weight, why is this?

If this occurs it is most likely due to a decrease in excess body fat, which is a good thing. If you are training hard, your muscle mass will increase and your strength will improve, but due to the physical exertion and the number of extra calories you will be burning you are likely to lose some excess body fat in the process. If you wish to avoid this then do your best to consume an equal amount of calories that you are expending.

I am trying to lose weight, but am getting heavier, why is this?

If this occurs it is most likely due to an increase in strength. If you are new to resistance training then you will make big improvements within a short period of time before you begin to plateau and those improvements or gains come slowly. This initial improvement in strength will have an impact on the density of your muscles, and therefore although your muscles will not get bigger, they will get a little heavier, but this is not a bad thing. When you track your body weight be sure to also track your circumference measurements so even if your body weight increases slightly, the circumference of your body should decrease at the same time.

Can I have a different objective for my diet and my training?

Yes, but it is not advised. If you are looking to build muscle and lose weight at the same time, then a build muscle training program and a lose weight diet plan can work together. You will not maximise your training, and to do so it would be advised to have a build muscle diet plan, but you should still make improvements in both areas. If you have a lose weight training program but a build muscle diet this will not work so well and improvements will be minimal. If you have any questions regarding these areas and you are confused, then get in contact with us and ask the question.

What is the 'Auto Renew' or 'Continuous Payment Agreement'?

Within the website the terms ‘auto renew’, ‘automatic renewal’, ‘continuous payment agreement’ etc. refer to the agreement we have in place with PayPal to collect payment from our users as soon as a previous purchase has expired. This is put in place purely for the convenience of our users. For example, if you purchase a one month training program you will be issued with the first program specific to the objective you selected. Upon completion we assume you will want to immediately start the second program. So instead of you having to go through the payment process again, we automatically issue you the program and collect payment through PayPal. Should you choose to deactivate/turn off this feature, you can do so with ease via your profile.

How do I cancel the 'Continuous Payment Agreement'?

We hope you will remain a user of our services so we hope you do not feel it necessary to cancel this agreement. But should you wish to do so it could not be easier. Upon entering your profile, click ‘My programs’ to see your training program(s) and/or diet plan(s). Here, listed along side your program(s)/plan(s), you will see the words ‘turn off’, under the heading ‘Auto Renew’. This indicates that the ‘continuous payment agreement’ is currently active and to deactivate/turn off you click the word and it will change to ‘turn on’. If you can see the words ‘turn on’ then the continuous payment agreement is off/deactivated.

Once off/deactivated, the agreement can be turned on or off as many times as the user chooses prior to the purchase expiring. Once expired the agreement cannot be re-activated. To continue, the user must upgrade manually.

The agreement cannot also be cancelled via your PayPal account. If you choose this option, PayPal will notify us. However, the process is much easier for all parties involved if you cancel via your profile.

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