When people think of increasing the strength or size of a muscle, most people think this is solely achieved in the gym. However, anyone who has achieved real success in this area will tell you that the work you do in the kitchen is equally as important. Increasing the size or strength of a muscle is a difficult objective to achieve and there are many variables involved in doing so. Not only do you have to participate in an effective strength training program, you also need to train at an adequate intensity. You spend about 1-hour in the gym, 2, 3, or 4 days a week. The rest of the time you maximise the results of your training and reap the benefits by ensuring you recover as effectively as possible. In addition to sufficient rest, your diet plays the biggest role in this recovery process. Ensuring you eat the correct food is essential to have the energy to train at a sufficient intensity, to produce a sufficient amount of growth hormones, to provide enough essential nutrients for the muscle to repair, grow, and maximise your potential muscle growth. Our diet plans offer meal options using ingredients that will allow you to optimise the results of your training. In addition to our ever-growing library of meal options and recipes, we give you all the support your need to help you achieve your objective. Learn how to track your calories, how to set a calorie target, how to measure your progress, and much more. By providing you with quality nutritional guidance you can optimise the efficiency of your growth hormone production and muscle protein synthesis to allow maximal muscle growth and reap the rewards from your time in the gym.

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