Strong is the new sexy. It is so pleasing to see so many ladies starting to lift weights, but there are still so many that are apprehensive to do so. If you are on the fence about trying strength training, here are a few reasons you should give it a go. Improving your strength increases your metabolism. This means you burn more calories when resting. This is a big plus over traditional cardio because cardio does the opposite, making strength training a great fat burning tool. It gives you a toned, firm and shaped physique. Most ladies don’t just want to drop a bit of fat, but they also want to “tone up”. Developing shape to your arms, abs and bum, requires you to develop strength in these muscles. Doing so makes the area feel firmer and creates a little definition to shape the way you look. Finally, strength just makes life easier. When you are stronger, the day to day tasks are just easier. Whether it’s carrying your children, or doing household jobs, being strong makes the little things much more manageable, and strength is something we naturally lose with age. So, for practical reasons as well as health and aesthetic reasons, strength is hugely beneficial.

Strength training has been seen as a young mans activity for a long time. But in recent years, more ladies and men of all ages are starting to partake in strength training. The medical field are acknowledging the health benefits for both men and women of all ages. But there are still many women that are a little apprehensive about taking that first step into the free weights area. A couple of the most common reasons are, not knowing what to do, and being intimidated by those that do know what they are doing. Well, our training programs provide you with all of the support you need. So, you can walk into the free weights area not only knowing that you have an effective program which will allow you to optimise your gym time, but you also have all the support you need to execute in the palm of your hand. Everyone in the weights area are purely focused on themselves, and you will be too. With year of experience working with ladies of all ages and abilities, and an in-depth knowledge of the science behind exercise and strength training, our programs will help you achieve a leaner, stronger and healthier physique. That we have no doubt. So, the only question left to ask, is which program is most suitable for you?

PRE-BUILT TRAINING PROGRAMS – Most personal trainers will lead you to believe you are a unique snowflake who needs an individualised custom-built training program. 99% of the time, this is not the case. We may differ slightly in how quickly we build muscle or decrease body fat. But the physiological process that we go through to get from A to B is the same for pretty much everyone. Our pre-built training programs are designed to help you build a leaner, stronger and more muscular physique. Simply select a 2, 3 or 4-day training option (depending on how often you attend the gym). Then when you open your training program, you will find all of the support your need to execute and understand it. When you enter the gym and view your program, you will see each exercise clearly listed, with a video explanation/demonstration and written instructions. You will be able to log the weights you list, track your progress and review your stats. In addition to this, you will have a variety of support materials available to you to help you develop a basic understanding on the science behind your program and motivational support to help its execution. We hope that you choose to stay with us for some time, but at the same time, we want you to develop all of the necessary tools that you no longer need us.

CUSTOM-BUILT TRAINING PROGRAMS – If you are carrying an injury, recovering from surgery, are physically disabled, preparing for a particular sport/event/activity, or require personal attention and motivation, then our custom-built training programs could be the option for you. Offering all of the benefits our pre-built programs offer. You get a training program designed specifically to suit your individual needs. In addition to this, you benefit from direct contact with your very own online personal trainer. If you feel that more individualised care and attention is necessary for you, may just to get things kick-started, then our custom-built training programs may be the best option for you.

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