This section of our website allows you to do some leisurely reading to build up some basic knowledge of the science behind exercise and nutrition. There is a lot of information online about the best way to lose weight or build muscle. Most of this information is based on opinion or a manipulation of the science to support an argument or market a product/service.

Our service is simple, we supply effective training programs and diet plans, and in our science section of our website, we explain how and why they are effective. Eating correctly and being active is essential for good health, and to achieve a change in your physique. So we hope that by providing this information, our users do not simply follow a diet plan or training program blindly, but they try to understand how and why it works.

Knowing your body type can help you to develop realistic expectations from your diet/training. Understanding how muscles actually grow and the process that takes place, can allow you to get the most out of your training by understanding what to do outside of the gym, as well as in it. It is also important to understand the benefits of resistance training other than just toning/building muscles, and know how it compares to cardio, and which is more beneficial to helping you achieve your goal. If you are female and a little hesitant about lifting weights or participating in a resistance training program, then please read about the benefits and why you should consider making it part of your lifestyle.

The weight loss market is heavily saturated with so many ‘diets’, so many different ways to structure your meals. In our science section we hope you will be able to develop an understanding of your food groups, and learn the difference between refined and unrefined foods and how we metabolise foods. Once you understand this you will realise there is only really one way to eat in order to be healthy, and how you only need to make small alterations to achieve a specific goal. If you develop a basic understanding of the science behind exercise and nutrition you will get so much more out of your diet plan/training program.

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