Lifting weights is essential to improve your health and/or shape your physique. Improving your strength not only gives you that firm feeling to your physique, and helps you sculpt your body, but it also helps prevent certain diseases, improves bone health, improves your mechanics, and much more. For those looking to burn fat and get leaner, look no further. Gone are the days when you spend hours on the treadmill. More people are now becoming aware about the effectiveness of using strength training to get lean and shape your physique. It is essential that you get the most out of your time in the gym, and therefore, important that you enter the gym knowing exactly what you’re doing, having a well-designed and effective program planned for you, and having all the necessary support you need to execute it. So, if you want to start building a leaner, stronger and healthier physique, try one of our training programs.


Age has no impact on what program you should do. Anyone of any age would benefit from lifting weights and improving their strength. The biggest factor that impacts program design is gender. Men and women generally have slightly different objectives, but they also store fat in different areas of their body and aim to build different body shapes. Our programs for men help them build a leaner physique, with emphasis on strengthening their chest, shoulders, back and arms. Our programs for women help them build a slimmer, and leaner physique with emphasis on toning the stomach, hip, bum, thigh and arm areas. We make sure all of our programs are well-balanced to help build a healthy and strong physique.


We offer two types of programs; ‘Pre-Built’ and ‘Custom-Built’. Our Pre-Built training programs are designed to help men and women build a leaner, stronger and healthier physique. They are designed for the average man or women, and are applicable to 99% of people. Only if you suffer from a physical disability, recurring injury, or if you are training with limited equipment or for a specific sport would our Custom-Built programs be more applicable. Another benefit of our Custom-Built programs is to have direct contact with your own online personal trainer on a regular basis, but if you join our online community and combine this with all the video and text support within the Pre-Built option, you will have all the support you need.

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