Welcome to our Top Performer's Leader Boards. This part of our website displays our members who are our top performers for each objective. We created this section to recognise those who are committed to achieving their goal and reaping the rewards of their dedication, and to create a little bit of friendly competition between Cleaver Health & Fitness members. Please view the various filter options to see this week's strongest members looking to lose weight, as well as those looking to build muscle. As well as our members who have lost the most excess body fat, and those who have gained the most muscle mass.
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2016-09-23 12:44:52 23/9/2016 12:44PM
Barbell Back Squat
Barbell Deadlift (plus regressions)
Flat Barbell Bench Press
Flat Dumbbell Chest Fly
Pull Ups (Pronated Grip)
Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

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